Monday, 27 June 2011

Formation Metals: Time for reflection

Note: Please observe that you are reading a June 2011 article, which does not reflect the present situation any longer.
Formation Metals quotes on TSX (Symbol FCO - FMETF on AMEX pink sheets -  FCO.TO on Yahoo)
Long time shareholders have had the hard time the company has. After the permitting process took over five years, the Canadian mining company needed looking for cash under more difficult circumstances. About 14 years after the first drillings on the RAM deposit in Idaho, there is finally an outlook for actual production. Mine construction is ongoing but output is not expected within another year. Retrofitting the hydro-metallurgy site near Kellogg has started to enable the cobalt production facility, which will be delivering cobalt with the highest purity.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Vastgoedcertificaten houden beter stand dan Belgische aandelen

BRECS index

De Petercam BRECS returnindex aarzelt de voorbije maand tussen winst en verlies na de rally van de voobije maanden. De vastgoedcertificaten laten daarmee de aandelen achter zich, waar de correctie al het grootste deel van de winst over 2011 heeft uitgeveegd.
Het couponrendement van de certificaten stabiliseert rond 5.7%. De dagvolumes nemen af.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Seabridge Gold

Seabridge Gold (website) is a gold exploration company. Seabridge Gold’s resource base of gold, copper and silver is one of the world’s largest. The principal projects are located in Canada. Their objective is to grow resource and reserve ownership per share. Their risk-reducing strategy: acquire North American deposits; expand them through exploration; move them to reserves through engineering; and sell or joint venture them to established producers for mine construction and operation. Seabridge gold quotes both on the NYSE in USD (Ticker SA) and on Toronto-TSX in CAD (Ticker SEA.TO)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rome and America - Differences and similarities

A lot has been written on this topic, one contribution more controversial than the other. Many of those just focus on one aspect of society, usually the pet topic of the author. In five paragraphs I'm describing different aspects of both societies: Science, technology and manufacturing, Military spending, Health, Democracy and civil rights and finally Currency debasement and hyperinflation.