Saturday, 27 September 2014

Miners back to square 1.

Ultimately the broad stock market rally ran out of steam. The S&P retreated from its all time high and now is back to 1982.8. Not that this makes any difference for precious metals. After another rocky week, the metals end mixed. Since Friday Sept 19, Gold is almost flat, while silver is down 0.7% over the week. After the lowest close since several years at $17.5 on Thursday, there is a timid recovery to end the week with. Main victim is Palladium ($772), which sold off quite rapidly after its recent multi-year high above $900. Platinum is taken down in the slipstream to $1297, with the gold-to-platinum ratio now up to 0.94 once again.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Relentless slide ...

The S&P broad market index holds above 2000, within a sigh of its all time high. Bond markets suffer somewhat as rates have risen above the August lows. In the mean time, precious metals continue to slide, irrespective of whether the economic indicators coming through are good or bad, whether the stock market goes up or down or geopolitical tensions ease or aggravate.