Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Crazy Horse Resources

Note June 6, 2017: this company was renamed Rockwealth Resources and there has been a 10:1 share rollback. Coverage is discontinued.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Junior gold miners and explorers lagging majors

On the gold miner pulse page of this blog, I have been pointing to the dramatic underperformance of juniors in the brutal miners swoon caused by the recent severe gold correction.
Since early April, junior miners ceased to outperform mining majors. Juniors nor majors were able to keep up with the pace of the gold price rising during summer. Whereas miners withstood a first pull back of the gold price rather well, the correction in the second half of September turned out to be dramatic. Junior miners and explorers paid a high price and much of their advantage over major miners is melting away. 
Junior miner performance on that blog page is measured using the MVGDXJ index. That index is going back to end Dec-2003 and offers a relatively long perspective when compared to the GDXJ Etf itself.