Sunday 31 January 2021

Vancouver Resources Investment Conference (VRIC) 2021

 As foreseen, one more conference that went virtual in 2021. The on-line attendance was largely compensating for this, I am told. The number of YouTube sequences seems somewhat less overwhelming at first sight, however the videos of Cambridge House give a full coverage.

David Lin of Kitco has released some interviews:

Silver to outperform gold this year says Darren Blasutti; how miner will double production.

Silver is expected to perform better than gold for the near to medium-term, and Americas Gold and Silver’s production strategy will evolve around this thesis, said CEO Darren Blasutti.

“I think silver is going to outperform gold this year and for the next couple of years. I’m bullish on gold too by the way, but we’ve had a really nice run on gold, I think there’s still a ways to go on silver. I think industrial demand on the silver side gives you a little more torque,” Blasutti said. 

0:00 - Company performance in 2020
6:13 - Relief Canyon goes into production
12:08 - Future plans for capital expenditures  
14:01 - Capital raising for the industry
17:08 - Silver vs gold
18:53 - M&A outlook 

Peter Schiff: Bitcoin still going to ‘collapse’; ‘death spiral’ of inflation coming (Pt. 1/2)

Bitcoin is an asset that is fueled almost entirely by “false hope” and should demand falter, the price is just going to “collapse”, said Peter Schiff, chief market strategist at Euro Pacific Asset Management. 

“Ultimately, Bitcoin is going to collapse, and any demand that it might have siphoned away from gold is going to return to gold. The Bitcoin story is one of a bubble, it’s a modern-day Tulip Mania, it’s fool’s gold,” Schiff said. 

0:00 - Biden's stimulus plan 3:42 - Inflation 5:56 - Gold price 7:58 - Gold vs Bitcoin 9:50 - Bitcoin is "biggest bubble of all"

In a second video, David Lin continues the interview with Peter Schiff

The U.S. is moving away from free markets and towards a more socialist model, with a declining dollar on track to erode Americans’ wealth over time, said Peter Schiff, chief market strategist of Euro Pacific Asset Management. “We don’t need any new legislation. We need to get rid of all the existing legislation. If I were President, I would just veto everything,” Schiff said. “It’s interesting, Donald Trump vetoed fewer bills…if you want to find a President that vetoed fewer bills than Trump and served a full four year-term, you have to go back to the 1880s.” 0:00 - Stock market bubble? 2:52 - Value stocks 3:46 - Tech stocks 4:22 - Green New Deal 6:10 - What's wrong with the American government?

Frank Holmes called stock market bull run, now he’s predicting ‘blowaway quarter’

Why gold price is not at $6k already and why it was 'managed' by the government - Luke Gromen

Gold is a political metal, and competes with U.S. treasuries, said Luke Gromen, president of Forest for the Trees, and because of this, government authorities have historically been trying to “manage the price.” Gold has the potential to reach $6,000 an ounce but is being held back, Gromen said. 0:00 - Gold has been 'managed' 4:14 - Gold outlook for 2021 7:06 - Monetary stimulus and gold 9:30 - Supply chain disruptions 10:51 - Bond yields 12:50 - Gold price upside 16:00 - What's holding gold back from reaching $6,000?

The 2021 VRIC: Mining investing, Silver and Gold stocks, Copper stocks & Uranium stocks for 2021

The VRIC is a Three Day Event that Streams January 17-19, 2021.
*All content was recorded between January 6 and January 15, 2021 Copyright © 2021 Cambridge House International Inc. All rights reserved.

The VRIC is THE DESTINATION for junior mining stock investing, to discover silver stocks, gold stocks, copper stocks, uranium stocks, mining stocks to watch and mining stocks to buy. Experts weigh in on the likelihood of a stock market crash in 2021, debate gold vs gold stocks, bitcoin, and the most relevant stock market news today.

Coverage by Cambridge House
Day 1 coverage; Be prepared for a marathon session of 7 hours or choose your fragments from the list below the video window:

0:00:00 Jay Martin. CEO, Cambridge House International 0:01:21 Minister Ranj Pillai Yukon Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources 0:23:00 Western Copper and Gold Corp. WRN.TO 0:43:27 Banyan Gold Corp. BYN.V 0:59:05 Rick Rule CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc. 1:32:20 Victoria Gold Corp. VGCX.TO 1:50:22 White Gold Corp. WGO.V 2:14:15 Stephen Harper 22nd Prime Minister of Canada 3:03:10 Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. WPM.NYSE 3:28:50 Sandstorm Gold Ltd. SAND.NYSE 3:48:45 Ross Beaty Chairman, Pan American Silver 4:15:50 Equinox Gold Corp. EQX.NYSE 4:37:50 Fury Gold Mines Limited FURY.NYSE 4:54:40 Doug Casey Founder of Casey Research 5:24:40 Sierra Metals Inc. SMTS.NYSE 5:43:55 Skyharbour Resources Ltd. SYH.V 6:10:08 Adrian Day Adrian Day Asset Management 6:39:50 Ascendant Resources Inc. ASND.TO 6:39:50 Gold Terra Resource Corp. YGT.V 6:58:11 Mike Maloney CEO and founder of

Day 2 coverage; Be prepared for a marathon session of 7 hours or choose your fragments from the list below the video window:

Agenda: 0:00:00 Jay Martin CEO, Cambridge House International 0:01:22 E.B Tucker Author of Why Gold Why Now 0:32:50 Nova Royalty Corp. NOVR.V 0:52:00 Tier One Silver Inc. Listing Expected Q1 2021 1:13:30 Kai Hoffman Managing Director, Soar Financial Partners 1:43:52 Radisson Mining Resources Inc. RDS.V 2:02:10 Peter Spina CEO, & 2:24:19 New Pacific Metals Corp. NUAG.TO 2:49:19 David Morgan Founder & Owner - The Morgan Report 3:19:58 MAG Silver Corp. MAG.NYSE 3:45:18 Luke Gromen Founder, Forest for the Trees, LLC 4:11:56 Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd. OR.NYSE 4:29:10 Raoul Pal CEO, Real Vision Group & Global Macro Investor 5:01:15 Maverix Metals Inc. MMX.NYSE 5:21:21 Ronald-Peter Stoeferle Managing Partner, Incrementum AG 5:54:08 Nighthawk Gold Corp. NHK.TO 6:15:20 Brent Cook Founder, Exploration Insights 6:39:50 Fiore Gold Ltd. F.V 7:01:38 David H. Smith Senior Analyst, The Morgan Report Day 3 coverage; Be prepared for a marathon session of 7 hours or choose your fragments from the list below the video window:

Agenda: 0:00:00 Jay Martin CEO, Cambridge House International 0:01:00 Gwen Preston Founder, Resource Maven 0:27:45 Empress Royalty Corp. EMPR.V 0:38:00 Jeff Clark Senior Precious Metals Analyst, 1:12:05 Liberty Gold Corp. LGD.TO 1:34:40 ALX Resources Corp. AL.V 1:56:10 Mark Moss Market Analyst, @1MarkMoss 2:22:08 Superior Gold Inc. SGI.V 2:40:31 Brent Johnson CEO, Santiago Capital 3:07:40 GoGold Resources Inc. GGD.TO 3:32:03 Reyna Silver Corp. RSLV.V 3:55:52 Otavio (Tavi) Costa Partner, Crescat Capital 5:03:36 Talisker Resources Ltd. TSK.TO 4:45:38 Steppe Gold Ltd. STGO.TO 5:09:31 Frank Holmes CEO, US Global Investors 5:31:15 Barksdale Resources BRO.V 5:52:25 Gran Colombia Gold Corp. GCM.TO 6:18:38 Peter Schiff President, EuroPacific Capital 6:47:02 Blackrock Gold Corp. BRC.V 7:07:30 Trilogy Metals Inc. TMQ.NYSE 7:29:48 Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert Hosts, Orange Pill Podcast

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